Wai Sum Tutorial School 維森補習學校(香港)招聘

Wai Sum was founded in 2000 with 17 years of experience on tutoring. We arrange ordinary classes every day to assist students to finish their homework, revise their dictations and deepen their knowledge by doing comprehensive exercises. Besides, we arrange special classes to consolidate the foundation on studying and improve the examination skills for students of different levels.

Our school offers incredible value in five key aspects: Safety and Environmentally friendly Hygiene, Academic Abilities Assessment, Holistic Thinking Pattern Assessment (HTPA), See Cards, Fair and Meticulous System of Rewards and Penalties.

HTPA is able to help students choose academic stream and career path and to gain admission to a higher education.

See Cards is a fun game for enlightening the students’ brain. It boosts students’ observation, concentration and endurance effectively.

For more information, please visit www.wai-sum.edu.hk , WeChat(「維森補習學校」)or Facebook ('Wai Sum Tutorial School').

小學專科班導師/Primary Intensive Course Tutor(時薪HK$80)


  • 教導學生學科知識,核對及講解練習,解答學生疑難
  • 每時段為2小時,最多教授2名學生

資歷:新高中畢業/中七程度;良好粵語;一般普通話; 良好英語; 具中英文讀寫能力,相關科目成績優良,有志從事補習行業,有耐心,忠誠;有經驗優先,也歡迎中年人士;非誠勿擾,騎牛搵馬則免

申請須知:求職者可電郵(enquiries@wai-sum.edu.hk)履歷表給維森補習學校。如要索取收集個人資料聲明, 請與薛先生(Email)聯絡。

Job responsibilities:

  • Teach students subject knowledge, check and explain exercises, assist students to cope with difficulties
  • 2 hours per timeslot, 2 students per class at most

Requirements: NSS/ Form 7; Good Cantonese and English, average Putonghua; knowledge of Chinese reading and writing, as well as English reading and writing; familiar with subject(s) taught; dedicated to tutorial industry; Good results in relevant subjects; those with experience are preferred

Working Hour: Negotiable

Application notes: Job applicants should email resume to enquiries@wai-sum.edu.hk , Wai Sum Tutorial School. For Personal Information Declaration, please contact Mr. Sit.