Vita Green 維特健靈大藥廠(香港)招聘

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Established 25 years ago, Vita Green is already a prominent household name, and is recognized as the most reputable and assuring brand in Hong Kong.  We are dedicated to bring health, youth and joy to all.  Vita Green specializes in extracting health treasures based on the essence of herbs and traditional Chinese medicine, and manufacture them to the highest western pharmaceutical standards with the help of sophisticated modern technology.

Vita Green is now looking for enthusiastic, committed and qualified applicants to be one of our team members.  A high value of integrity is a crucial asset to build a bright future with the Vita Green family.

臨時推廣大使 – 工展會

  • 於工展會場內派發宣傳單張、產品試飲及支援等工作

  • 學歷不拘; 良好服務態度

  • 工作地點: 銅鑼灣維多利亞公園(維園)

  • 工作日期: 2018年12月15日 至 2019年1月7日

  • 工作時間: 中午12:00 -下午7:00



招聘熱線: 2903 5904 / 2901 6092