Tung Wah Group of Hospitals 東華三院招聘


Application 申請方式:

Please send your resume or completed application form [F601] to the Principal Human Resources Manager, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals at 4/F., Wong Fung Ling Memorial Building, 12 Po Yan Street, Hong Kong by 10 March 2017. The reference code should be marked both in the letter and on the envelope. Application forms are obtainable in person or can be downloaded from http://www.tungwah.org.hk . Personal data provided by applicants will be used strictly for recruitment purpose only and in accordance with the Tung Wah's personal data policy. Applicants not invited to attend an interview by 30 June 2017 may assume that their applications are unsuccessful.

請將個人履歷或填妥申請表格 [表號:F601] (可親臨索取或從本院的網頁 http://www.tungwah.org.hk 下載),於二零一七年三月十五日前寄香港上環普仁街十二號東華三院黃鳳翎紀念大樓四樓人力資源總主任收,信內及信封面請註明申請的職位及職位編號。東華三院在使用求職者提供的個人資料時,只會將資料作有關招聘用途,並會嚴格遵守院方個人資料政策的規定。凡於二零一七年六月三十日前未獲約見者,可作落選論。  

Email 電郵: hrbps@tungwah.org.hk

All information provided by candidates will be treated in strict confidence and will be used for employment purpose only.