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Assistant Manager - Marketing

  • Assist to plan, develop and implement all marketing plans/programs/activities in relation to website campaigns, social media platform, advertising, consumer/trade/sales promotion, in-store demo, public relations, events and new product development of assigned products from conceptual to implementation stage.

  • Prepare promotional reports/proposals and products presentation for internal/external interfaces and analyze reports timely for management review.

  • Liaise with internal/external interfaces in all stages of product design and promotion in terms of product concepts, marketing literature designs, product launch programs, in-store demonstration, product model change and new product development process.

  • Conduct market researches/analysis and collect/consolidate market information to capture any trends in consumer needs & buying habits, promotional channels, estimation of potential sales, potential markets and competitors’ strategies for management review and achieving company's objective.

  • Perform other ad hoc tasks or projects as assigned by immediate superior.

Assistant Manager/ Senior Officer - Purchasing

  • Assist to monitor all activities in raw materials purchasing planning and implementation, namely budgeting, materials sourcing, price and terms negotiation and vendors assessment.

  • Assist to prepare expenses information within annual budget for all materials by implementing price review programs on key raw materials such as wheat flour, palm oil and packaging materials.

  • Investigate any problems/issues that may arise regarding purchased materials and deal with these problems/issues immediately with relevant interfaces/personnel so as to ensure minimal impact on production and cost & quality standards’ optimization.

  • Assist to lead significant negotiation with suppliers of key materials as per corporate requirements and constraints for optimum offer in terms of price, quality and payment terms.

  • Participate in various cost saving projects by presenting cost analysis and purchase reports on key commodities regularly or on ad hoc basis.

  • Liaise with different interfaces in sourcing new materials and new vendors within constraints.

  • Assist to review existing purchasing procedures & work instructions in line with current practices for future operation improvement.

  • Participate in activities related to Integrated Management System (e.g. periodic audit, meeting, ISO documents preparation & updates, etc.).

  • Assist to support subordinates in executing daily purchasing activities whenever necessary.

Assistant Manager - Production

  • Assist to oversee, control and monitor all activities in production plant so as to meet production schedule with quality products on a timely basis.

  • Responsible for preparing production planning by estimating appropriate manpower allocation, raw materials usage and production capacity so as to meet production target and delivery schedule.

  • Direct & supervise the work of production personnel, monitor actual production operation/procedures & standards of work regularly and maintain machine, raw materials inventory & labour efficiency.

  • Assist to review existing production procedures and work instructions in line with current practices and liaise with different interfaces in relation to production process seeking for quality/continuous improvement.

  • Responsible for preparing and providing training to co-workers/general workers in relation to manpower allocation, frontline supervisory skill, task orientation, safety, etc.

  • Monitor and supervise production personnel to perform general housekeeping and maintain plant/personal sanitation & cleanliness.

  • Investigate any production problems/issues that may arise regarding production, raw materials, product defects & machines breakdown with production/warehousing personnel and provide guidance in resolution of these problems/issues immediately.

  • Participate in cross functions projects or other ad hoc duties such as various management systems, machinery installation and renovation work of plant/production equipments/facilities as assigned.

Assistant Manager - Logistics

  • Develop, recommend, review and evaluate new or existing procedure/guideline for logistics management functions in relation to inventory management, warehousing, transportation and distribution of products/materials so as to improve operating efficiency, ensure cost-effective flow and optimize warehouse capacity utilization, inventory management and distribution activities.

  • Responsible for determination of space requirements for storage, overall control and verification of the movement of materials/products being received/shipped.

  • Supervise and monitor daily work schedule of warehousing and delivery personnel involved in loading & unloading trucks, stacking, picking, packing and palletizing products/materials.

  • Ensure the availability of stocks and coordinate routing and scheduling of vehicles, drivers and helpers for distribution of materials/products so as to ensure timely/prompt delivery and meet sales & customers’ requirements.

  • Prepare and analyze inventory and sales reports to identify slow-moving and/or surplus stock, usage pattern, stock level and ordering strategy.

  • Monitor subordinates to maintain a clean and pleasant working environment and ensure that all safety procedures are properly followed.

Assistant Manager - Engineering

  • Identify and negotiate with suppliers/contractors for the new machine/equipment in terms of price, installation, transportation, storage and maintenance plans based on company’s requirements.

  • Responsible for the creation of final design drawing/parameter setting as per company’s requirements and specifications for the new/existing production line/machine/equipment at defined schedule.

  • Design, execute, modify and follow projects/maintenance plans of electrical and mechanical machine for production line and supervise machinery installation, debugging or modification.

  • Provide technical support to subordinate/production staff in relation to machine/equipment repair and maintenance as scheduled/on ad hoc basis.

  • Conduct feasible studies in analyzing machinery problems and provide practical solutions for management review.

  • Conduct trial test to new machine/equipment after installation to ensure the consistency with process design, specifications and standards.

  • Coordinate various activities for projects with relevant interfaces in accordance with company's specific requirements.

  • Perform any other ad-hoc duties/ assignments as assigned by superiors.

Officer/Assistant Officer - Marketing

  • Provide clerical and administrative support for the department in relation to document preparation & filing, newspaper clipping, promotional activities, advertising, events and new product development.

  • Conduct market research/analysis and consolidate the information for management review.

  • Prepare promotional reports/ proposals and products presentation for internal/ external interfaces and analyze reports timely for management review.

  • Assist in marketing activities namely premium house sourcing, sample delivery and company sponsorship as per marketing project.

  • Provide technical support in corporate website operation.

  • Perform other ad hoc tasks or projects as assigned by immediate superior.

Clerk – Sales

  • Coordinate with customers, handle enquiries from customers and provide after-sales service.

  • Receive sales orders of assigned products via various channels and process sales orders promptly & timely per customer requirements.

  • Prepare daily logistic schedule, purchase order, delivery note & sales invoice for delivery arrangement.

  • Perform other clerical duties / special projects as assigned by the superior.


  • Source, maintain and update vendor database system based on past vendor assessment, pricing, quality and other useful information.

  • Participate in price negotiation seeking for optimum offer as per corporate costing strategies and constraints prior to managerment approval.

  • Ensure that all status reports on bid inquiries and purchase orders are submitted promptly and accurately.

  • Perform coordination and follow-up activities to contribute quality and quantity standards/requirements compliance of assigned categories.

  • Receive materials complaints and coordinate with relevant interfaces / personnel throughout the handling process.

  • Participate in activities related to Integrated Management System (e.g. periodic audit, meeting, ISO documents preparation & updates, etc.) so as to maintain system compliance and feasibility.

Assistant Officer/ Assistant – Research & Development

  • Assist in research and development activities in relation to new or modification of existing products/processes, product testing, raw materials testing, product development, packaging, labeling and technical research.

  • Perform general clerical support/routine tests, namely sensory tests under close supervision to generate accurate data for analysis.

  • Support in materials sourcing, recipes and prototype preparation of new/modified products or process design/development.

  • Maintain samples management system of assigned categories.

Assistant Officer/ Technician – Quality Assurance

  • Undertake routine quality control tests/line inspection for raw materials, in-process control and finished goods as scheduled.

  • Responsible to consolidate raw data generated from tests/inspection as scheduled.

  • Assist to prepare equipments setup for calibration and conduct data taking.

  • Perform duties such as storage and identification as per internal documents regarding samples generated from routine production and in various manufacture stages as well as control samples.

  • Perform general housekeeping and follow laboratory safety practices.

  • Work closely with immediate superior and production personnel in participating external OEM suppliers/factories audit and internal audit.

  • Perform any reasonable and legal duties as assigned by immediate supervisor(s).

  • Willing to go for business trip if necessary.


  • 負責定期跟進超市之產品陳列工作,點算及檢查貨品,提供顧客服務等。處理價格審核、收集市場資訊及監控銷售點之物資。協助推廣公司產品及其他宣傳推廣活動。

大量生產員/操作員/清潔員 (早班/中班/通宵班)

  • 一般生產線之工作(麵/食品生產、搬運貨物、清潔、操作簡單生產線機械等。) 個別職位涉及體力勞動

  • 星期一至五 07:00 - 16:15 /08:30 - 17:45 / 14:45 - 24:00 / 16:00 - 24:00 / 22:45 - 07:30

兼職生產員 (早班/夜班)

  • 一般生產線之工作(麵/食品生產、搬運貨物、清潔、操作簡單生產線機械等。) 個別職位涉及體力勞動

  • 星期一至六 11:00 - 14:30/ 17:00 - 20:00

生產主任/科文/組長 (早班/中班)

  • 協助分配及指導員工之工作,維持生產線之正常運作,填寫各類生產記錄,操作各類生產機械

  • 星期一至五 07:00 - 16:15 /14:45 - 24:00 / 16:00 - 24:00

助理維修主任/ 維修技工/ 鍋爐員

  • 負責廠房及生產機器/設備之日常維修及保養工作,具認可之電工A牌優先;鍋爐員必須具認可之水管式鍋爐牌

  • 星期一至五 07:00 - 16:15/ 08:00 – 18:30

倉務員 (早班/中班)

  • 協助運送生產原材料/半成品/製成品/物料到指定地方,具認可之抗衡型或伸展型剷車牌優先。

  • 星期一至五 07:00 - 16:15/ 14:45 – 24:00



  • 雙糧

  • 酌情性花紅

  • 超時工作津貼

  • 中/夜班津貼

  • 新人獎金

  • 銀行假期

  • 有薪年假

  • 醫療及人壽保險

  • 強積金

  • 免費穿梭巴士服務(通宵班/兼職除外)

  • 員工購物優惠

  • 在職培訓

  • 晉升機會


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