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Firmware engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop firmware on programmable ASIC chips, make full use of the hardware resource to complete deep learning tasks.

  • Develop and debug CNN processor’s driver/API/protocol design in Linux environment.

Job Requirements:


  • Practical experience in one of the following complicated algorithms domains: Deep Learning/Machine Learning, Graphics algorithms/Video codec algorithms/data mining etc.

  • GPU(CUDA/OpenCL etc.) or other parallel programming experience.

  • Have the basic knowledge of compute architecture and basic knowledge of software-hardware co-design.

  • Technical proficiency in programming languages: C/C++, Python of Matlab, familiarity with Linux environment.

Machine Learning Expert and System Architect

Job Responsibilities:


  • Develop new processor cores implementing machine learning DL/ML algorithms, focusing on applications such as, driver-less cars, robotics, compute vision, data mining etc.

  • Take such processor core from architecture to implementation with corresponding verification and validation work.

  • Architecture planning from the API framework/Libs or Firmwares to chip hardware engine with a Top-down system view.

  • Evaluate and compare different DL/ML algorithms for specific applications and related tasks, in particular with regard to the performance, training, and suitability for embedded applications;

  • Close communication with other chip or hardware/software architecture experts.

Job Requirements:

  • Master in computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics, physics and statistics.

  • Expertise and practical experience in the following domains: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning. Practical experience in CNN/RNN algorithm is a plus.

  • In-depth practice in deep learning implementation on GPU/FPGA/ASIC, such as Caffe, ConvNet, Torch…etc., mastering the tuning strategy for CNN/RNN's parameters.

  • Good Knowledge in chip and RTL development using Verilog or other HDL.

  • Technical proficiency in programming languages: C/C++, Python, or Matlab, Java, familiarity with Linux environment.

  • Experience with big data technologies and HPC is a plus.

  • Excellent communicative skills in read and written English, fluent spoken English.

  • Strong communication skills, ability to express oneself logically, strong sense.

Senior CPU Digital Design / Verification Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Interact with the Chief architect and SoC architect, software teams and ASIC product development teams to define the micro-architecture of the Multi-thread Processor core including memory hierarchy and various interconnects

  • Evaluate and perform trade off analysis of hardware implementation between performance, cost and power.

  • Define verification and validation strategies at different levels for the processor core and carry out the related work to ensure functional correctness

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 years of proven design or verification experience in complex processor projects

  • Experience with Multi-Core, multi-threaded processors architecture/design/verification

  • Experience with designs of complex high speed RTL modules, or Experience with constrained random and formal verification

  • Experience with the design/verification in one or more of the following disciplines

    • Multi-level cache hierarchy

    • Multi-core/multi-thread system

    • Instruction fetch and dispatch unit

    • Load Store Unit

    • Execution, Integer and Floating Point Unit

    • Memory Management Unit

    • Interrupts and Exception Handling

    • Processor Core Virtualization

  • Good understanding of computer system architecture, memory systems or cache coherency

  • Good understanding of ARM instruction set

  • Good understanding high speed circuit and low power design is a plus

  • Good understanding of TCP/IP networking/service packet protocols is a plus

  • Must be a highly organized, detail-oriented self-starter, who works well independently, as well as in a team environment

  • BS or higher degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering with experience in ASIC design/ verification

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • Candidates with less experience will be considered as Processor Development Engineer

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