The Eslite Culture Hong Kong Limited 香港誠品招聘

Opening on Taipei City’s Ren-ai Circle in Mach 1989, the first Eslite bookstore was devoted to humanities, arts, creativity and lifestyle. At the same time it sought to provide readers with a rich selection of books in a reader friendly environment. Over the years Eslite has become a composite business model based on culture and creativity.

With a brand image first built around its bookstore, the company has since expanded into art galleries, publishing, multi-purpose performance spaces, art and cultural courses, all of these juxtaposed against creatively marketed merchandise. Ranging from the CBD to communities, schools to hospitals, lifestyle to fashion design, human caring to pacifying body and soul, up until now readers have paid more than 90 million visits to Eslite’s 43 bases around Taiwan.

Facing 27 years of exacting challenge while accumulating a wealth of experience through intensive interaction with customers, our hard work has been rewarded with a greater love of reading throughout the society. Moreover it has enriched the diverse face of cultural and creative events.

Mall Operation Officer 商場營運專員

工作職責(Job Description):

  • 商場營運經營:專櫃管理、廠商經營溝通、修繕/設備及庶務管理、店務營運品質提升

  • 營業行政管理:報表及基礎營運分析、招商及合約管理、提升營業績效

  • 市場/品牌開發調研、商品行銷規劃與安排

  • 可配合排班及早晚輪班

需求條件(Job Requirement):

  • 副學位或以上程度學歷

  • 不少於兩年相關工作經驗

  • 對百貨零售及經營管理有興趣

  • 具創意,喜好流行事物

  • 具領導統御、邏輯能力

  • 積極、學習心強、溝通協調

  • 強烈責任感


請將個人履歷、薪金要求、應聘職務 (沒有任何標明之履歷將不予考慮),電郵至