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EF的全稱為“Education First”,屬於私人企業,於1965年由Bertil Hult及其家族成員在瑞典創立,備50多年環球教學經驗。EF於全球52個國家設有580間學校及辦事處,  並聘用專業外籍老師及員工逾46,500名,服務及學生覆蓋116國家,是全球最大的私人英文教育機構。我們的使命是「從教育中開啟世界之門」,50多年來致力透過語言培訓去打破語言、文化和地域上的障礙。EF 更是全球卓著的英語培訓專家,提供語言學習、海外遊學、文化交流及學位課程等服務。此外,EF更多次被任命為奧運會官方語言培訓供應商,為其提供語言培訓或教育服務。

EF 於1993年在香港開設了首間辦公室。 EF於香港提供成人英語教育、語言遊學、學外升學、文化交流等教育項目,服務全面。其中與蘋果公司一起探索開發的英語教育產品EF Englishtown 於1995年隨之正式誕生,透過EF研發的專業的英語學習系統,於香港以EF Englishtown 品牌提供優質而有效的成人英語教育,並開設多間英語培訓中心 。至2018年,產品正式改名為EF English Centers,而EF English Centers亦是EF旗下優秀品牌及項目。


Life Club Chef (Day or Night shift)

Part-time chef is working as a team of 2-4 people to design, prepare Lunch and or Dinner with our Adult English learner. Let’s learn, bond and speak English. 

  • Design dishes, prepare ingredient, cook and keep kitchen clean & tidy. 

  • Lunch menu with 4 dishes (Soup, two to three main dishes) for 8 - 10 people. 

  • Dinner menu with 8 dishes for 10-16 people (Soup, two starters, three to four mains dishes and dessert). 

Cuisine and dishes is discuss with successful candidate before put onto menu. It could be and not limited to Chinese, Thai, Vietnam, Indian, Western, French, Italian, Spanish .etc


  • Study in the related faculty 

  • Passionate in cooking

  • Able to work at least one shift each week for at least one month 

To apply for this position, please send a detailed resume in Word Format with expected salary and availability to Donald.Leung@EF.com

All information received will be kept in strict confidence and for employment-related purposes only.